World Bridge SuperBowl 2021

ACT Bridge (Accademia del Bridge Tevere) and the site are pleased to announce you the World Bridge SuperBowl 2021. The competition will take place on the RealBridge platform playing with Real players (who will provide for each session first and family name) with the maximum of security and the flexibility in the format to help you arrange your schedules in a crowded Online Bridge scenario.

The captain of each team can choose each time dates, time schedule and opponents!

The competiton will start on March 15 2021 and will end on November 15 2021

At the end of this competition, first 16 Teams will have the right to play another invitational reserved event. For further information please go to appendix B at the end of the Condition of Contest.


The World Bridge Superbowl takes places from March 15 to November 15 2021 on RealBridge if there are at least 12 teams registered ready to play already on March 15. Otherwise the tournament is not cancelled but delayed to a new date. Players serving a sentence or who can not join WBF, Ebl, Acbl and their own Nbo tourneys will be always excluded, not invited and without the chance to be invited for this event. The maximum level of security is guaranteed, the web-cam and the microphone are mandatory. All matches will be played using screens.

A1) Open Notes: Like in some of USBF competitions, It will be possible to look the system notes during the auction in a way to help the knowledge of the system with a view to next live events and the Top 8 Champions + Top 8 Challangers (see appendix B). The player willing to look the notes will have to advice his screen opponent.

A2) Format:

Teams will be able to decide to play each day of the week, even skipping some days or an entire period. The time schedule for each day starts from 10 am to 6 pm East. Registrations will be open until September 30, 2021 (even with the SuperBowl in progress). The captain will always be able to add players on his team as long as they have not played in other teams for this competition.

Wbf rules are applied when not specified in this CoC.

Every issue that may arise not discussed here will be solved according to the WBF rules Conditions of Contest and Supplemental Conditions of Contest of the latest Bermuda Bowl.

A3) Registration and Registration FEEs

Since it is an official Event organized by Bridge Tevere Association, players (even if not italians) will have to be members of the Italian Federation (in the same way of Acbl events).

While registering, the captain of each team will have to provide for each player only First and Family Name, date of birth and address or a postal code and state in a way to avoid the archiving of personal data. Other data such us email address and WhatsApp numbers for which you already provided (or you should provide) will be not shared with the Tevere Bridge Association and/or the Italian Bridge Federation. Registering, you automatically approve to send those few information to Tevere Bridge Association and therefore to the Italian Bridge Federation.

The initial Registration Fee is 35 Us$ per player, it includes:

  • your standard limited membership (upgradable) to the Italian Bridge Federation (should you be already member of the Italian Bridge Federation you will pay 10 Us$ per player only);
  • filling the rosters and the cost of the first issues of the Bulletin.

Each player, even added during the competition, will have to pay 35 Us$

For each match instead the fee will be of 15 Us$ per player (60 Us$ per Team) to be paid before the beginning of the match, it includes:

  • RealBridge fee
  • Director
  • Bulletin
  • the result and the ranking calculation and update to the website

Teams available to play in a specific day and at specific time between 10 am and 6 pm East – (New York Time) will have (preferably) to communicate by 1 pm East of the day before the match. In this way the organization will have enough time to provide a list of potential opponents on time. Captain in case of availability of his Team will communicate both the prefered time schedule and opponent Team he would like to face (logically he will choose opponents against with he could get the maximum amount of points winning or drawing the match).

A4) Matches and Special Scoring

All the matches will be played using a special K.O. scoring but they will not involve in any case the elimination of Teams. There will not be a pre-determinated number of matches but it will be necessary to play at least 14 matches to be part of the final Ranking. In case you will play more than 14 matches worse results will be discarded. The maximum number of matches per Team allowed is 32. As mentioned above, Teams can always choose/agreed day and time to play (from 10 am to 6 pm East), and the opponent team as well. It is possible to play against the same opponent team just 3 time until the end of the first 14 rounds. After 14 rounds it is possible to play against the same team for a third of the remaining matches played otherwise the match will not be homologated. Example: Team A – Team B – Team X,Y,Z. Team A vs Team B play 3 matches of the first 14 = all matches are homologable. Now Team A plays against Team B 2 more times and plays 2 other matches against other Teams (Team X,Y,Z). In this case the 2 further matches between Team A and Team B are still not homologable, but it will be enough Team A plays 2 other rounds against a Team X,Y,Z so the matches (from Round 15) against Team B are homologable.

Provisional rankings will be updated and available through the bulletin that will be published the following day any time even just 2 teams should play against in a K.O.  event without elimination.

Ranking, given values and scoring of K.O. matches without elimination:

Every win in K.O. matches without elimination will be worth of 500 points regardless the team they play against to which will be added Bridgehouse Academy General MasterPoints (WBF/ACBL/EBL historic masterpoints) of the opponent team and the difference of Match Points multiplied for 20. In case of draw the scoring will be obtained with the calculation indicated above half-divided and given to both teams. The losing team of K.O. match without elimination will not receive any scoring.

A5) Bridgehouse Academy Masterpoints

Individual determination of Bridgehouse Academy General Masterpoints for the coefficient of difficulty:

At the moment of the registration each player of the team will receive (and will be indicated) Bridgehouse Academy Masterpoints as follows:

Wbf Masterpoints will be considered first, then ACBL Masterpoints (in case of US or Canadian player) and finally EBL historic Masterpoints (in case of European player). Since they are non homogenous scales both for level of difficulty Wbf competitions compared to the others and for the diversity of awarding, Bridgehouse masterpoints will be obatained as follows:

In case of US or Canadian player:

Wbf masterpoints or Acbl masterpoints (if more) divided 80 and just for players in this list ( since it seems there are not biggest lists.

In case of European player:

Wbf masterpoints or Ebl historic masterpoints (if more) divided 2

In the other cases:

Only Wbf masterpoints will be considered.

Each captain will be given of 50 General Bridgehouse Academy Masterpoint by default if without Wbf/Acbl/Ebl or if he has less than 50.

A6) Special Scoring Example

Now a practical example about scoring:

Example Team A vs Team B result: Team A 52 imps – Team B 20 imps

Team A (4500 Bridgehouse Academy Masterpoint) – Team B (1800 bridgehouse academy masterpoints)

Team A will score 500 winning points + 1800 opponent Bridgehouse Academy Masterpoint + 640 point (difference imps 32 multiplied for 20)

A7) Anti-Cheating Rules

There is not this issue playing on RealBridge an invitational Bridgehouse Academy Event, anyway the tournament Director is the only in charge about Ethics and Anti-Cheating rules (like any possible other issue).

A8) Tournament Direction

The sole responsible of the tourney will be the director taking care ethical issues considering play times and the actors of potential behaviors considered unethical. Repeated episodes contrary to ethics will not be considered as distractions especially if done by pro-players. If the director, despite the security of the platform RealBridge, should notice something unclear and/or should recive reports, always in an anonymous way, will call a provisional committee and take decisions. Director will never mention the actors even if the hands, being public, could be attributable to a specif player, but he will call a meeting (preferable on Zoom) showing the hands with hidden names like a normal complaint during the game.

Any behavior considered highly unfair towards opponents and/or organisation will implicate automatically the exclusion of this player/pair for the rest of the event.

At the same time, inappropriate off-table behaviour towards opponents and the organisation such as undertaking biased trials or commenting dubious hands on other website mentioning the opponents will implicate the exclusion for the the next matches of the World Bridge Superbowl.

We think that it will not happen, and it rarely happened in the past, but rude behaviors while playing will be punished even more strictly.

A9) Maximum Number of Players per Team

There is no limit. As mentioned in the Format, the captain will always be able to add players on his team as long as they have not played in other teams for this competition.

A10) UNDOs

UNDO is available and fair. We strongly encourage to accept UNDOs. If you feel that there is a damage due to the UNDO you can call the director at the table but we will be very happy if you play this tournament in a friendly way and allow UNDOs because most of the times it is a true misclick.

UNDOs are allowed and encouraged, but only for misclick.

UNDOs for correction of errors are not appropriate and should not be requested. If the opponent questions the reason for an undo, they should call the director as long as it becomes evident that this may have been the case.

We suggest the double tap/click not to risk several mistakes in playing/bidding.

Bids must be alerted before being entered. In such way, the left hand opponent knows about the alert before making his/her bid. If you don’t alert before sending your bid, your opponent may think that your bid is natural, make his/her bid, then see the Alert and legitimaly ask for an UNDO in case the information changes his/her perspectives. Thus, you need to click the Alert button before entering your bid. Also, during this procedure it is very important to include the explanation in the proper box. We obviously understand that we are not used to such procedure, and will try to tolerate innocent mistakes, but it is important to practice this Alerting style.

A11) Deals

All the deals will be generated in a random way by RealBridge.

A12) Convention Cards

Your are knidly invited to submit your Convention Cards. A specific page for Convention Cards will be available before the tournament start and will be updated.

 It is recommended to print your opponents’ convention card in a way to have a situation like in a face to face match.

A13) Camera

Remember that on RealBridge it is compulsory the use of a webcam.

On RealBridge, it is recommended  to have a wide framing camera.  Using an iPad it is harder to have a wide framing, that’s why RealBridge suggests using a computer rather than a tablet. Using a computer would be easier.

A14) Screens

Since we are playing using screens you should self-alert your bids, and explain talking to you opponent or writing the explanations.

A15) Login

At least ten minutes before the start of the match you will receive a link to log in. Once you logged in you will be on Realbridge lobby, then take sit at you own table (you can find it looking at the name of each table).

B) Top 8 Champions Event Live and Top 8 Champions Challangers Live :

At the end of this competition first 16 teams will have the right to play another private Top 16 Champions event, this time will be live using a classic format, Round Robin Semifinals and Finals date and place (good for forgetting the pandemic) decided among finalists.

This tourney, if possible, will be played live starting from December 2021 or more likely in 2022 and just if pandemic emergency is over. Viceversa in case sanitary conditions should not grant the safety the final stage will be postponed. Place and dates of the final will depend on the maximum safety levels possible and on warranties too. Dates and place will be chosen among captains of finalist (by majority). First 8 teams will have the right to play the Top 8 Champions Event, while the other 8 teams will play the Top 8 Champions Challangers. The fixed cost of subscriptions for the live stage is 850 dollars per team and will cover the expenses of directions and organization of this other event to which organizational costs will be added ,such as transport and rental of materials (bidding boxes, playing cards and screens) and second-class travel expenses, room and board for organizators/performers of the final stage to subdivide into 3/4 for the Top 8 Champions Event and into 1/4 for Top 8 Champions Challangers. The tourney will last one week and we suggest these places for the finals: Italy, US, Israel, Greece (sea places) if finals should be played in a warm season, Rome (Italy) / US / Israel or Greece in the other seasons depending on the warrenties.

For further information and registrations please send an email to

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