The Online World teams Championship will be played with all the matches closed to kibitzers except the one broadcasted on the BBO vugraph that will start with a delay of 30 minutes.


We are going to play with duplicate boards and we will provide for a special

Because of the COVID-19 emergency, it is possible that some players can’t play because of temporary problems related to the Coronavirus: minor or major issues (such as a friend or a family member who needs help) or any other contingency.

If you are less than 8 players in a team (including the playing captain), the captain can ask to add players in every moment, also during the tournament.

UNDO is available and fair. We strongly encourage to accept UNDOs. If you feel that there is  a damage due to the UNDO you can call the director at the table but we will be very happy if you play this tournament in a friendly way and allow UNDOs because most of the times it is a true misclick.

UNDOs are allowed and encouraged, but only for misclick.

UNDOs for correction of errors are not appropriate and should not be requested. If the opponent questions the reason for an undo, they should call the director as long as it becomes evident that this may have been the case.

Kibitzers will be allowed for all matches, but they can never be substitutes. So if you plan about substituting a player during a match, the substitute must absolutely

avoid kibitzing any match of the Corona-Crush event (since we are playing pre-dealt boards, we must avoid that the substitute knows any board).

As for other important online competitions, every player has the right to check his/her own bidding system during play. It is not illegal and helps

learning the systems in order to be ready for live tournaments.

Zero tollerance for rude comments or behavior. If you need to ask something to your opponents, please use the private chat instead of the table chat.

It was necessary to add a rule about Alerts. Since we obviously can’t see each other when     playing online, bids must be alerted before being entered. In such way, the left hand opponent knows about the Alert before making his/her bid. If you don’t alert before sending your bid, your

opponent may think that your bid is natural, make his/her bid, then see the Alert and legitimaly ask for     an UNDO in case the information changes his/her perspectives. This may unguiltily lead to unauthorized

information. Thus, you need to click the Alert button before entering your bid. Also, during this procedure it is very important to include the explanation in the proper box. We obviously understand that we are not used to such procedure, and will try to tolerate innocent mistakes, but it is important to practice this Alerting style.

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