1st Top 8 Invitational Event on RealBridge Line-Up of the Semifinals – 2nd session

Please after this Round if you are visiting team send a WhatsApp message or an email if you don’t have WhatsApp with your line-up.

1. Nickell vs Uli

Open RoomClosed Room
N: Robert Levin (Nickell)N: Bartosz Chmurski (Uli)
S: Geoff Hampson (Nickell)S: Piotr Tuczynski (Uli)
E: Federico Primavera (Uli)E: Nick Nickell (Nickell)
W: Giacomo Percario (Uli)W: Ralph Katz (Nickell)

2. Donner vs Moss

Open RoomClosed Room
N: Joe Grue (Donner)N: Jacek Kalita (Moss)
S: Brad Moss (Donner)S: Michal Nowosadzki (Moss)
E: Piotr Gawrys (Moss)E: Marion Michielsen (Donner)
W: Michal Klukowski (Moss)W: Per-Ola Cullin (Donner)

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